20Feb 2015
Your wrong

A while ago a published an article about how well Paul Merson’s predictions have fared so far in The Premier League 14/15 season up to 12 games. I have now expanded this to 25 games of the season. Has Paul Merson improved at his job, or is he just as biased as always? Let’s see. […]

06Dec 2014
High Quality Content

I hardly need to waste words stating how important it is to come up with quality content for your website. It is, to say the very least, the glue that holds online business together. Provide your visitors with the value that they want and need and you have a chance of succeeding online. On the […]

02Dec 2014

Paul Merson was a professional footballer who played the majority of his career for Arsenal and spent notable time at Aston Villa. Currently he writes for SkySports as a football “expert” (I use that term very loosely). His main columns include weekly predictions on how teams will fair in the weeks Premier League action. I […]

28Nov 2014
Black Hat SEO

Knowing black hat SEO tactics has saved me a couple of times. This is because developers can often implement something not knowing that it will effect a sites performance. Knowing about black hat SEO also allows you to understand how and why search engines have taken various actions. This will allow you to keep your […]

24Nov 2014
conversion rate

Surely higher search engine rankings lead to more sales or sales leads from your website – right? In relative terms maybe, but how many of your visitors are actually converting to sales or sales leads? FACT: It costs more to increase traffic to your website than to convert existing traffic into profit. Forget high search […]

22Nov 2014

South Africa is a very special country. Some people in South Africa are living in 3rd world conditions while other parts are living in 1st world conditions. This therefore makes South Africa online marketing needs unique to anything in the world. The below stats take into account internet usage on mobile devices. South Africa’s internet […]

20Nov 2014
Play Atari Online

Google is one of the world most used search engines. With Google holding between 70-80 percent of market share, depending on what states you read. Google’s developers however have inserted some rather cool things that people may not know of. Bellow you can find 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Google. 10) Search […]

16Nov 2014
SEO Tools

SEO software can save you a huge amount of time. Everyone in SEO differs from to tools they use, so I am going to give you my top 5 SEO tools. Screaming Frog Screaming Frog has a free and paid option. With the free option you are only able to crawl up to 500 pages […]

14Nov 2014
Meta Data

Having done my fair share a Meta descriptions and titles, it got me thinking about the importance of this often neglected piece of internet marketing. This job normally falls to the SEO (which we just make sure there is no duplicates), and I feel the importance of this useful bit of information is being overlooked in its […]

11Sep 2014
301 vs 302 redirect

A while back I was between computers, and went to dailymail.com and found it contained a site that I wasn’t looking for (it was a US new site and not the Daily Mail UK site). It therefore made sense that dailymail.co.uk bought this domain. However, what they have done with domain after purchasing it should be a […]